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Screen shots

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Duplicate file manager

For Windows 95/98 and NT

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Screen shots

Drag the 2 splitter bars to change the layout.

Duplic8 is completely resizable using the 2 splitter bars and standard windows corner resize

The size and layout of the screen can be changed and saved as the startup default to suit your needs.


Some of the search options.


matched-right-click.gif (12623 bytes)

Either use the shortcut keys, or right click on a matched file for marking options.
(Explore from here and Browse with ACDSee are currently only available in the release 6 beta which is under test at the moment.)


zoom.gif (8744 bytes)

Zoom the matched file list to use the full Duplic8 window. Excuse the rather dull demo files.


wizard1.gif (7428 bytes)

Standard mark wizard options allow you to quickly select which of the matched files files you want to delete.


wizard2.gif (7571 bytes)

Advanced mark wizard options let you enter a filter to use to match files.
This filter supports all the standard DOS/Windows wildcards, but I have also made some additions to give the feature more power.


file-menu.gif (12843 bytes)

With Duplic8 you can save the current search directory paths, filters, and options (as show below).
These search profiles are saved on the hard drive, and can be loaded again from within Duplic8, or the profile file can just be double clicked and Duplic8 will start up and load the profile automatically.
This feature is invaluable if (like me) you have your downloads and archives in an organised directory structure....


option-menu.gif (13280 bytes)

Options allow you to turn on and off various features.
By default Duplic8 will search subdirectories and delete files to the recycle bin, but you can change these, and then save the options, and Duplic8 will then use your settings as the default.


Duplic8 help menu

Checking for update to Duplic8 (via the internet) is just a click away.
Contacting me (the author) is just as easy, and I welcome comments from registered and unregistered users alike.


export.gif (4052 bytes)

When you have a list of matched files, you can export the list.
The comma delimited (.csv) format file can be loaded into any spreadsheet program that supports .csv file format (i.e. All the ones I can think of!).
The batch format produces a file that can executed from the DOS command prompt to delete the files.


Legal Disclaimer (The small print!)
All specifications and prices quoted are correct at time of publishing.
Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.