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What systems will Duplic8 run on?
How do I use Duplic8?
I cannot see the little marked indicator when I mark a file?
What exactly does Duplic8 do?
Why will I have exact duplicate copies on my computer?
There are other duplicate file finders on the net, what is so special about Duplic8?
I bought the first version, what about me?
What's missing from the shareware version?


Q) What systems will Duplic8 run on?

A) I have personally tested Duplic8 on the following systems:-

- Windows 95 (all versions) *Some users may need the comctl32 update (details)
- Windows 98 (all versions) *Some users may need the comctl32 update (details)
- Windows NT 4 Server and Work Station
- Windows 2000 Professional.
- Windows ME

Duplic8 will work on any filing system supported by windows directly (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS) or any other format that is supported by a windows mapped network drive.

I have not had the chance to test Duplic8 on any of the other version of Windows 2000, but I am confident that it will work on them too. I intend to try it out as soon as I can get my hands on a machine. If you have tried Duplic8 on any other platform with or without success please tell me. duplic8@kewlit.com


Q) How do I use Duplic8?

A) Check out the new online "How to Use" section. This should give you the basic idea, and contains step by step pictures.


Q) I cannot see the little marked indicator when I mark a file?

A) There is a bug in the early version of Microsoft's common control (This only affects Windows 95 as far as I know). Updates to this control come with IE4 and IE5, but if you are a Netscape user you will have missed out on this fix. Go to the Microsoft site, and search for comctl32.dll. Once installed, the little marked cross-hairs should appear.

This link should get you the required file (US-English version) from the Microsoft site, but I can't promise as they move everything about so often...



Q) What exactly does Duplic8 do?

A) Duplic8 finds duplicated files on your hard drive, floppy drive, CDs and network drives.
Duplic8 finds exact content matches. Byte for Byte EXACT copies not the less reliable checksum (CRC) comparison used by some other products. You can tell Duplic8 if the name must match too if you like.

Once you have a list of duplicate files, Duplic8's advanced Mark Wizard lets you select files you'd like to remove.

Then when you are happy with the files you have marked (you can see  and change the list of marked files at all times), you can tell Duplic8 to delete the files, either completely or to the recycle bin.


Q) Why will I have exact duplicate copies on my computer?

A) If you download files from the internet, you may already have the answer to this question. Websites often have the same files as each other, but the webmasters regularly rename them to suit their own naming scheme.
You then have pictures that look amazingly similar, or midi/mp3 files that sound the same, or documents that give you a sense of déjà vu.....
If you are a regular visitor to usenet (Newsgroups), the problem gets even worse, as people repost files with changed file names on an almost daily basis. It's bad enough wasting the time downloading them, don't let these files waste your hard drive space too.
This problem is destined to get even worse, as more cheap internet accounts become available and internet connections become ever quicker. You may not mind downloading a huge batch of files when you have a nice fast cable modem or DSL/ADSL connection, but do you really want to clutter your hard drive?


Q) There are other duplicate file finders on the net, what is so special about Duplic8?

A) Over two years ago, I had a need for a duplicate file finder. I had an ever expanding collection of webpage graphics and midi files, which often repeated, but with different names. So I went off to get a program to remove the duplicates, and built up quite a collection of duplicate finders. Each one I tried, would find duplicate files, but none of them managed to do everything I wanted them to do, or at least I thought it could be done better. So being a programmer I decided to write my own......
My mission.... To write the best featured and best value duplicate file management system available.... I'm pretty sure that mission was a success! (feel free to compare the features and the price and comment)
Duplic8 had been written from a user's point of view (I wanted to use it!), so it contains some unique features to speed up the process. I still use Duplic8 on an almost daily basis myself, so I haven't lost touch with the original objective.

The current feature list includes....

  • Search the drives, directories or the subdirectories YOU want to search, any combination you like. Duplic8 will search any subdirectories if you like, or just do the directories you tell it,
  • Drag and drop support to add directories quickly to the search list.
  • Exact file comparisons, byte for byte.
  • Load and save search profiles, this enables quick profiles of search paths to be set up, and accessed quickly. (You can double click the saved profiles from Windows and Duplic8 will start and load the selected profile.)
  • Export the matched file list in comma delimited (.csv) format for loading in a spreadsheet, or save it as a raw text file, or even as an DOS executable batch file.
  • Improved faster searching algorithm.
  • Splitter bars to allow you to customise and store the screen layout.
  • Quick Zoom/Unzoom the matched file list.
  • Switchable match by content only or match by name and content.
  • Switchable zero length file skipping.
  • Switchable subdirectory scanning.
  • Switchable delete to Recycle Bin.
  • Contact the author (me!) and check for updates via the internet direct from the Duplic8 help menu.
  • Automatic detection of file thumbnails (identical sized files produced by some graphics and audio software that can seriously degrade performance... but not Duplic8's!).
  • Expandable file type filters.
  • Mark Wizard to speed up selection of files to delete.

Standard mark wizard.

  • Advanced mark wizard wildcard matching.

Advance mark wizard wildcard matching.

Q) I bought the first version, what about me?

A) I have always had a policy of lifetime updates, so if you have Duplic8 V1, you should have received Duplic8 V2 in your email already complete with your new registration key. Although I have had some bounce back  because the email address no longer existed (and one from a confused person who didn't know what I was talking about in my email!).
If you are one of these people, then send me an email stating your name and the email address that you used when you registered the original version, and I will update my records and send you version 2.


Q) What's missing from the shareware version?

A) Nothing vital!

Duplic8 is fully usable as an unregistered shareware program, with a few added nag screens.

The new features of release 5 will be available only to registered users, I have not removed any features from release 5, just locked out the new ones. So if you are an unregistered user of release 5 it will have no more functionality than release 4. I thought this only fair as the new features had been suggested by registered users, and it might just give a few more of you that little urge to register.  :-)

If you find Duplic8 useful, you should register it. As shareware you are permitted to try it for 30 days. After that time you should register it, or delete it from your machine.

By registering you will...

  • encourage me to continue writing quality shareware.
  • be entitled to free updates to Duplic8 for life.
  • have all the features and no nag screens and limits.

The registration is available from a secure server, for the more than reasonable fee of $15 (that's about a tenner to my fellow Brits), which might just cover my internet phone bill (some of us don't get it for free).

If you have a comment, or query about Duplic8, then please feel free to contact me.

If you have an idea for a feature you would like to see in Duplic8, then tell me and, if I really like the idea, I might even register you for free.

Register Duplic8  Register Duplic8


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Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.